Best Trips For Wine Lovers

A wine trip is the greatest way of spending your holiday vacation. Enchanting on the world’s great regions with a perfect backdrop of vintages of wine is tremendous experience. In each year, several wine destinations sprout. Some of them are set in a standard way for the wine lovers. The best wines in the world are produced in world class restaurants and hilltop places that overlook acres upon vineyards. The sound and small of wine can help the wine lover to vividly recall moments. It is a special trip that involves visiting places magic wine is made.

People pay a lot of money to have a bath in wine. It is thought that wine is good for the human skin. I know that this will sound weird but it happens. As one travels around the world, he /she will come across wine tourism destinations for the trip that are the smartest. Are you looking for a wine destination for your wine trip?

If yes, the following are the best places for wine where you need to take your trip to:


tuscanyThis is a place in Italy with peaceful and famous wine regions. This is a major destination for the wine lovers. The wine areas in Tuscany start from the capital up to Florence or the medieval city of Siena. The wine lovers who wish to take their trip tom Tuscany may try Chianti and vino nobile. These are served with Italian meals which are homemade

Las Vegas

This is among the best destinations for the wine lover’s trip.Las Vegas celebrates wine on exuberant terms. It is a magical place with flash trophy bottles and whimsical wine tastings. The highest concentrations of master sommeliers are in the outside of San Francisco. It is an amazing and veritable gold mine for the wine lovers.


stellenboschThis is a great destination for the special trip-wine lover’s trip. It is a town that is set on majestic mountains that are historical. The oak streets of Stellenbosch are the starting point for your wine trip in this area. This is a winery place that was established in 1971 and it is the oldest in the production of chenin blank and pinotagen wines. It is a bio-dynamic winery that you need to visit. Not only providing wines to the tourists, they also provide them with bike trail experience on the mountains.

Grand Valley Co

This is a country that has wine stripped vineyards. Your trip can start palisade up to the Grand Junction. Not only enjoying the area’s wine, you can visit the wildlife and carriage rides where you can adventure more.

Vina Vik

vina-vikThis is a dramatic wine resort in Millahue valley. It is only a 2 hours drive in the southern side of Santiago. Vina Vic is a winery place with raw nature art and design combinations. The red wine found in this place is of the excellent quality. It was started by Bordeaux; a wine maker on a 1000 acre property on the sloppy hill.

The Douro valley(Portugal)

the-douro-valley-portugalThis is the region in the world with stunning wine. In this place Portuguese wine makers push for flavorsome red wines which are made from different grape varieties and vinho Verde white. Abigael’s party wine is the famous wine in the area . It is made from vinho Verde to make it fizzy and attractive.

These all amazing places that you need to take your trip to. It will create an impressing experience that will last forever.